temple // wat pathum wanaram 

on day 2 of being alone in a big city, you feel overwhelmed. there are cars, motorbikes and people everywhere. it’s hot and you have no idea how to cross the road, nor what to do today. in the midst of all the chaos, you wander upon a temple. white and gold, it stands magnificently amongst the grime of city.

you take off your shoes and go inside. the ceiling are high. the walls are adorned with intricate pictures. there is a large religious statue at the front of the room. you follow the rules and sit with your feet facing the door as a sign of respect. you’re not really religious but you stay for a long time: partially because there’s a big fan, but also because it is a calm haven away from the chaos.

this is one of the few times you think you truly understand the attraction and magnificence of religion.

markets // flower market & pratunam market

today is a day for markets: you explore the flower market and pratunam market. you take a rickety boat that travels surprisingly fast to pratunam market — it’s refreshing and fun to have the feeling of the cool wind on your face (however when you take the same ride back in the afternoon, the water is ar choppier and the wind stronger. this ride is not as fun as you cling to the rail and anxiously scan around for the nearest lifejacket). unfortunately, this time around you didn’t get to experience a floating market, but you enjoy pratnum market nonetheless.

you buy one of your now favorite tops, a lovely ruched mock neck, for only 35 baht.

homesickness medication // friendship

travelling alone, you follow the advice of a friend and book a ‘party hostel’ thinking it would be a great place to meet people; however, you quickly discover that it’s not your thing when, at breakfast, you talk to a guy who is flying out later that day. you ask him for recommendations for things to do. he sheepishly laughs and says that he hasn’t done anything apart from recover from the hangovers he has because of the parties the night before.
you’re not sure if you’re just jetlagged, or not trying hard enough to be sociable. you claim that you rarely feel lonely, but on that day you feel lonely. you facetime two of your closest friends from freshman year and it’s good to have a proper conversation and laugh with someone after endless hours of your own company.

accomodation // niras bankoc cultural hostel

after spending 2 rough nights at a ‘party hostel’, you decide to forfeit the rest of your reservation and move. one of the best decisions of this trip!!!

the new hostel is beautiful, located conveniently and just makes you feel 100000000% more comfortable. the staff are lovely and make you feel very welcome.

you will continue wishing that you stayed there from the very start.


market // trok mor morning market

you’re on your way to some tourist site (royal palace perhaps?), and leave early in the morning to avoid the midday heat. on your way there, you stumble across a market filled with produce and people. it’s so lively and you’re very grateful to have this experience.

you buy an ice thai tea (which comes in a plastic bag with a straw), rambutan and various pastries. you come back once more the morning before your flight.