chiang mai

activity // cooking class

a lot of people have recommended that you try a cooking class in thailand. you have a day to kill, so you do. a minivan picks you and your classmates up from different hostels and hotels across chiang mai.
a middle-aged woman sits next you in the van and avidly talks to you about the weird things she has collected from her travels. you spend most of your time nodding (she’s nice though). the instructor is very bubbly and takes the bunch of you to the market to buy ingredients. she explains the differences between different ingredients (yellow curry has more turmeric than green. contrary to popular belief, they’re equally as spicy). she then takes you to the farm and you get to see pineapples and crabapples and beans and a bunch of cool things. and then you cook (papaya salad, tom yum soup, green chicken curry & mango sticky rice).
one of the guys in your class looks a lot like matthew grey gubler.


food // khao soi

your friend shows you the wonder food that is khao soi.
now, you tell everyone to try khao soi.
crispy noodles in a tangy and spicy broth, with fresh herbs and pickled vegetables
……’re craving it as you write this.

juice // khun kae’s juice bar

today is a good day (same day as trying khao soi for the first time), and in essence, a R&R day.

it’s nice just having an open and thought-provoking conversation with someone and discovering that you share a lot of the same values even though you lead fairly different lives.

you and your friend get massages by ex-female convicts and then go to a smoothie place.

would recommend both the massage and smoothie joint, and of course, the conversation.