memory // friendship

people have different onward tickets and eventually the group you are travelling with disbands. it’s a very bittersweet moment: you’re glad you actually made friends but it’s sad to see them go. you’re all friends on facebook but don’t really talk (but what’s new). friendships that are confined by context — a place, a time — are interesting. a group of people spread out around the world who share memories that cannot be properly conveyed to your friends from home. 

thankfully, one of the girls is also travelling down south so you’re not immediately back on your own. when visiting koh lanta, you both realize how you reliant you were on the guys for transportation. despite this, it’s nice to just have a chill time and talk more about your lives. it feels like a sleepover with one of your friends from home! you even show her your finsta.

activity // kayaking in the mangroves @ ao thalane

you spend the afternoon kayaking around the mangroves. you really don’t have any upper body strength so it is a tiring experience. it’s worth it though — you paddle to an island and the guide hands everyone beers, and you catch the beautiful sunset that makes you feel as though you are standing between two mirrored planes.


activity // snorkelling 

you’re a little nervous. you’ve never been snorkelling before and haven’t swum in ages. However, your fears are quickly subsided and it turns out to be a wonderful experience. you see turtles, large jellyfish and giant sea urchins on the bottom of the ocean floor. the guide throws watermelon into the ocean, and schools of colorful fish swarm around you. you even get to explore an underwater cave.